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ACTM 2019 training schedule

NLP practitioner training for 2019

Here are six individual two-day workshops that provide you with a series of necessary tools in life!

The price for each workshop includes one night's accommodation at Cogra Point.

Negotiating skills

This workshop brings you up to date with the latest tools and techniques that combine the art and science of negotiating. Creating mutually beneficial outcomes provides skills that transcend both careers and relationships.
Course code: NS2019
Duration: 2 days (Saturday & Sunday 23 to 24 February 2019)
Price: $495.00
Watch Quentin explain a little more on the negotiating skills course

Taking control

Do you ever feel that you've lost control and direction in your life? This workshop is all about creating your own initiatives and releasing those limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that hold you back.
Course code: TC2019
Duration: 2 days (Saturday & Sunday 6 to 7 April 2019)
Price: $495.00

Creating contentment

Imagine if you could create the ability to achieve contentment and joy without depleting your drive and zest for life. This workshop teaches you a series of techniques that build a strong internal strength and strong recovery resources.
Course code: CC2019
Duration: 2 days (Saturday & Sunday 18 to 19 May 2018)
Price: $495.00

Making the right decisions

If you or others around you suffer procrastination then these two days will give you the ability to create positive outcomes and make decisions in even the most complex of scenarios. All you have to do is make the decision to enrol!
Course code: MTRD2019
Duration: 2 days (Saturday & Sunday 29 to 30 June 2019)
Price: $495.00

Finding what you value

Would it be useful to know and change some of our embedded behaviours? We are what we have observed in our family and friends; so we fold back our auto responses in this workshop and give you the tools to make your own profound changes to your values.
Course code: FWYV2019
Duration: 2 days (Saturday & Sunday 10 to 11 August 2019)
Price: $495.00

Finding time

The key element of time management is maximising what we have and learning techniques to clear the past whilst establishing our future needs. During this two day workshop, you will acquire a series of auto functions that will allow you to stay present and maximise your life!
Course code: FT2019
Duration: 2 days (Saturday & Sunday 21 to 22 September 2019)
Price: $495.00

Basics of NLP

Join us for a fascinating insight into the wonderful world of simple and effective ways to change lives; whether it be in a career, relationship, negotiating, presenting, teaching and/or counselling.

This busy introduction day will help you regain control and give you the tools to maintain and own your power.

The cost of $240 includes lunch, taxi boat to and from Cogra Point and notes! So book early to avoid disappointment!

Duration:8 hours (9am to 5pm, Saturday 10 February 2019)
Price: $240.00
Call Emma on (02) 9566 2724.

Bowen technique training for 2018

Course package code: BT2018

Seven Sundays (9:30am to 4:30pm) spread over six months.

Natural body resets

Course code: BOM1.1
Date: 25 February 2018

From kidneys to knees

Course code: BOM1.2
Date: 25 March 2018

Treating children

Course code: BOM1.3
Date: 22 April 2018

Respiratory & lymphatics

Course code: BOM1.4
Date: 20 May 2018

Upper body

Course code: BOM1.5
Date: 17 June 2018

From knees down

Course code: BOM1.6
Date: 15 July 2018

Chronic complaints

Course code: BOM1.7
Date: 12 August 2018

Total cost: $1,950.00

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