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Assessment and Examination Assessment and examinations are set individually for each module of the course.

Usually assessment will comprise a minimum attendance level, a theoretical exam, a practical exam and in some cases, clinical practice.

Course Modules Each Diploma comprises several distinct modules which cover specific subject groups.

It is a requirement for the satisfactory completion of the Diploma that all the mandatory modules as described are completed and assessment is passed.

Please note that some modules are prerequisites for other modules.

Studying of modules outside the requirements of the Diploma is allowed should you wish to broaden the scope of your Diploma.

Students are able to choose residential and/or correspondence modules during the training which increases the flexibility of obtaining a Diploma.

If there is a demand for a particular subject, additional modules may be added to later semesters.

Similarly, the College reserves the right to cancel any module in any semester. Enrollments There is no separate enrollment fee for modules. A student is considered enrolled for a particular module when full fees for that module have been received and accepted by the ACTM.

Deferments Deferments of courses are allowed for a maximum of one year only.

Deferment requests must be made in writing not more than 14 days after the commencement of the semester.

Courses that are deferred are subject to any fee increases during the period of deferment. Exemptions/Accreditations

Exemptions and accreditations for any module of a diploma course must be by written application to the Dean of the College.

Exemptions or accreditations are only given to those students who have already completed a subject in the curriculum of the selected course of study at a teaching institution that is accredited by the A.T.M.S., I.F.A. or R.A.A. All relevant information pertaining to the request for exemption should be covered in the course and the level of competence accredited (Diploma, Certificate, etc.).

The final decision on all exemptions is at the discretion of the ACTM.

Public Transport The ACTM is located within 15 minutes from the centre of Sydney. Central Station is two kilometre away and many buses stop nearby.{370,440.436,M10) top | Refunds Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Consideration of refunds or transfer of funds to another course will only be given by the ACTM under special circumstances and at the absolute discretion of the Directors or College Administrator.

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